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Caught in the moment I would say a photographer but that would be cheeky 

I like to capture things that I find a meaning in 

It may not mean anything to you but I hope you can find a light hearted meaning in what I capture for something you can place in your life.

Studied at photography institute in 2013 

Currently studying Photography at king college 2022 

No matter where life takes you in a part of your story

I hope you always remember a little happy time from your childhood or somewhere In your life as I no we all don't get a good start,

Try to keep something within you that you can keep to yourself

 so you can always find a home within yourself no matter were this world takes you,

No matter how many months years that maybe I hope you hold onto a little thing to keep you going till you make it back again,

When I was fourteen 2009 last year of school i started to get sick which at first they though was my appendix which ending up leading to a hemicolectomy which involved removing half my bowel & a few other bits plus my appendix which was the start of my crohns journey as i paddled through life my health was never the greatest but i learnt to get on with it in what i though was the best way i could, as i climbed many obstacles within these years time it reached the end of 2015 i started to become unwell again as may 2016 came around i had an operation on the groin near my privates that lead to another one later on within that year time i reached 2017 things started to get a little hectic Febuary 2017 was the next then it was like month in month out i had over 15 operation cutting setons normal setons try this one try that one it was a battlefield in a area not so pleasant i never quite understood what was going on during these times when you gather yourself back after an intense operation & try to get back on with life your normal will never quite feels that normal again you have to make a new feeling of normal & alot of grieve comes with these things more as an adult than a teenager as i got to November 2017 i woke up screaming the pain was unbearable unfortunately something come out of the hole that shouldn't which lead me to having a colostomy bag November 2017 i explored many emotions around these times their was alot of pain alot of grieve & hole lot of other stuff whislt trying to get on with life in the process, Time 2018 came & things kinda settled with the operation as i continue to paddle through & get on with life adjusting myself to be how i needed during these times for myself i had an 3cm fistula tract i call it a hole that lead towards my bowel & organs & an colostomy bag, Over a period of time the colostomy was constanly bleeding and causing alot of pain it was becoming more exhausting to get on with normal day thing dealing with two physicals pains it can do alot to a person over time 

on the 8 August 2019 i had the colostomy bag removed due to many complication i was left with an open wound that had to heal inside out so waking up for a few month with your insides basically on show and having peoples fingers proding you to pack it will always bring a shiver down my spine aswell as alot of these situatuons within these year as i reached 2020 the hole from the stoma was probarly healed no my scab i could then continue on with living with a 3cm tract that causes unkown amount of pain a day unfortunately their is no fix for me right at this moment in time ive continued to have opertion in 2023 due to to close but for some reason they haven't worked until i find something to help that some of my days are unbearable were i wake up being sick & you still have to go on about your day just like amny other person over time i learnt that somedays you just have to say no and you rest and really recover then you shoot yourself back out in that world as something somewere may need your knowledge you can live with pain & its bloody exhausting ive lived with this hole since 2017 its taken me a fair while just to be me again adjusting through the pain knowing what works and what dont & again that all comes with time you have to be patient with youself patient with what your going through and sometimes step back from the life you thought you always wanted to the one you need to get yourself better and sometimes your life will come to a standstill while the world around you continues to move but when you get a chance again i hope you make the most of yourself regardless of your situation emotions etc when its right for you your time adjust sail reattempt how many times you need .

If you ever suffer with an illness or something that is unknown to the medical world that cannot be fixed or haven’t found the right medical team 

I hope you try to find the hope within you to believe in something In the moment as time can stop for a while 

& emotions can be a wild thing

Under all the unfortunate the why’s the what ifs I hope within that you find a way to be you regardless of what could of been  

Find a way to tell your story 

 even if its stupid 

Let that little light shine out of you 

Thank you for taking the time within your life to visit my little hobby even if my product isn’t your style I hope to inspire you in someway.

Life is a journey for all of us & who knows were it will take us always find a way to indulge in the things you love you never no how they may turn out & I wish you all a meaningful one & do to believe in yourself but don’t forget all the things inbetween i hope you still remain kind.

May your day/night have a little joy 

Georgina Emma Hodge 

Caughtinthemoment24 ©

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